Monday, February 8, 2010


Oh, wow. Another long break from blogging AGAIN. So much has changed. I was actually looking for a different blog when I logged in into this old one. Maybe it's a sign to update my posts.

Well, Raya's almost 18 months now. Yep, one year and half. And she's still breastfeeding. I get more disapproving looks and comments from doing it until now but my baby still wants it and it doesn't pose any major conflicts with my lifestyle. In fact, if anything, it's more manageable now because I don't have to pump while I'm at work as she gets most of her nutritional needs from solid food now.

She has grown a lot since my last post (She was around 8 months then I think. Haha. Yeah it was that far back.) and has learned more new things too. Now she can say simple words like "Hi!" "Bye!" And "No." She can also mumble "Happy birthday!" and "Thank you." Most of all, she can already comprehend instructions like "Bring this to your dad." or "Wait because Mommy has to do this first."
Yes, parenthood is still a dream. I don't think that ever changes but now that's she bigger and has gotten more independent, I allow myself to take more time for myself and to better take care of my needs.
In the past, work and Raya took up most of my time. Now, I don't allow that to happen too often although those two still remain my priority.
I've decided to set goals for myself this year. I vow to make 2010 MY year. Apart from some career changes, I set three major goals that I think are achievable within the year.
First, I've decided to start an exercise regimen as well as a diet program. I plan to lose 30 lbs. this year so I can fit into my old clothes! It's nothing too fancy or formal. Most of it's just 20-30 minutes of cardio a day and counting calories, limiting portions. I don't even have strength training though I am planning to take Yoga for that. But I think I'm starting to see some changes. I also created an account at Calorie Count so I can monitor my progress daily. It's a great site!
My tummy doesn't bulge as much when I'm wearing jeans. In fact, I can now wear tighter tops with jeans because it doesn't look like a doughnut anymore. And it also makes me feel good. Makes me feel more empowered as well as more psyched to start the day.

I'm giving this weight loss program as 25th birthday gift to myself.
Second, I've decided to learn how to drive. I've inquired at A1 Driving School and I've looked at their rates. I'm planning to save up for it and have that done before the year is over.

I realize the value of having a skill like that because you never know when you might need it. It also gives you more independence as well as more flexibility.
And last but not the least, I plan to learn how to cook. Nothing like gourmet of course but just simple hearty, Filipino dishes that will allow me to feed my family and myself if I want to. I also want to start learning for Raya, so she can get healthier, homecooked meals even when there isn't a maid or cook around.
There are a lot of mini-goals tied to these three but it would be too many to enumerate here. I'm just happy I'm starting somewhere. It's been so long since I felt this motivated and I want to take advantage of that. :)
Here's to a great 2010, peeps!

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