Monday, June 30, 2008

Move that booty!

In the spirit of Waiting (with which I started this whole foray into the world of blogging). I am still waiting to gather enough energy and resolve to get off my butt and start the things that I need to do before D-day. No, not Doomsday. Thank God. 

And to pressure me into actually getting at least half of them done before then, I will be posting my much overdue to-do list so that everyone (meaning the one...or two...) readers of my blog will hold me accountable if I fail to do so. 

To do:

1. Clear the bedroom of all our unnecessary crap. 

Task Description: This includes containers, toiletries, clothes, dvd covers, pillows, shoes, papers, that no longer have a right to space in our already spatially-challenged living quarters. 

This also includes wiping the tabletops and shelves clean and clearing our numerous cabinet spaces of all things that have not seen the light of day for the past 5 years. 

Estimated Accomplishment Time: 3 days

2. Clean/Sanitize the bathroom 'till kingdom come. 

Task Description: I can't exactly do this by myself since my belly cannot accommodate all the leaning and bending that it will require but I can possibly solicit the help of the two lovely helpers, Jenny and Manang Iking and/or RJ.  We will have to have the muriatic acid, zonrox cleaner, powdered cleanser and lysol at hand for this. Not to mention a handful of rags and brushes. 

Estimated Accomplishment Time: One whole day

3. Bring the Mac over to SENCO to have the busted CD-Drive estimated and (hopefully) fixed. 

Estimated Accomplishment Time: One day

4. Follow up our Wedding Photos and Video from Niceprint (and quite possibly resort to intimidation if they fail to deliver it by next month. Bwaharhar.). 

Estimated Accomplishment Time: 15 minutes

5. Work on a Wedding Brochure for the Parish (start Research and Writing). 

Estimated Accomplishment Time: 2 weeks to 1 month  

6. Put my D-day bag together in time for August. 

Task Description: This involves putting all I need to bring to the hospital in one bag and making sure nothing is forgotten. This also involves, turning over this bag to RJ so he can make sure it's brought with us when my tummy starts crunching. 

Estimated Accomplishment Time: 1 Day

Time to get my butt a'workin! 


Anonymous said...

Have you done anything yet? I hope you didn’t inherit my procrastination gene coz that would make me feel so baaaaaaaad!

Go, move that booty girl! :P

Missing you

Maviosa said...

Haha! Only the wedding brochure...and I've cleared some trinkets from the bedroom! Blogging is so addictive!

Anonymous said...

So its a yes! You inherited the damn gene...Drats! :p

Anyhoo, welcome to the blogging world Maviosa! ~ Huggles~