Sunday, August 3, 2008

Isn't she lovely?

We finally had our 4D scan done! RJ and I had been pondering whether to have it performed even with our OB-GYN's referral because it's quite costly but now, we're glad we did. The experience was totally worth it. 

We wanted to stay hooked forever to that fancy machine that showed us spectacular images of our baby moving, writhing, sleeping and grimacing (yes! she's quite suplada! hehe.) but Raya was already acting up around 20 minutes into the scan because the probe was probably disturbing her nap. The images showed her crossing her brows and making faces at us. And her sleeping with her mouth open. Hehe. But she was sooo cute. :)

I was a bit anxious at first, always asking the OB doing the scan whether she could see any problems, but she said so far, everything looked in order. She's actually average-sized, around 6 lbs. so that means all those chocolate bars and night binges are just all going to me. Hehe. At least that does something for my chances at a straightforward normal delivery. 

We really can't make out if she looks more like me or Arj but her nose looks quite high and pointy (Yay!) and she has very chubby cheeks! The Doc also said she looks singkit and she may have my lips (Don't ask me how she figured that out. She's supposed to be the expert. Hehe.). She also says, the images would've been of better quality if I had more amniotic fluid (since I'm full term, it has considerably diminished by now) and if she wasn't so big as to attach herself to the placenta at times (that's the cloudy part of the image by the way) but considering I'm nearing the D-date, she says we were still lucky Raya was still up to striking a few poses for Mommy and Daddy. 

Anyhoo, here are a couple of snapshots I took of the printed scans. We have yet to claim the DVD of Raya in utero that comes with the package we availed so we'll have to do with these Black and White images for now. Aah, the wonders of technology. :) 

Raya sleeping peacefully 

Raya sleeping with her mouth open :)

Raya acting up later on during the scan :)

Isn't she just precious? We think she's absolutely perfect. :)




Olivia said...

OOOH.. What a cutie!!! Can't wait to see her out in the open. hahaha... She'll probably come out dancing the groove!!! :)

Zharmagne said...

Ang pretty naman like mommy! .. and daddy. Rod said RJ is a cute kid when he was little.

Congratulations to the Ungcos!! Woohoo! Can't wait to meet her and hold her when she comes out.

Elizza said...

She's cute!!!! and at first glance...i saw RJ! really!!!! haha!!! can't wait to see her!

Maviosa said...

Hehehe! Thanks po! She's adorable! Of course sasabihin ko yun kasi anak ko...hahaha! But sabi nga namin mukhang mini-RJ! We hope she'll be a smart and good kid. :)