Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Update on Raya's Ride

As posted earlier, RJ and I intended to get one of the new Graco Travel Systems for Raya, in lieu of the recalled Chicco lines. But all efforts were to no avail. Joy scouted major stores in the States and she couldn't get the models we asked for. Her only other option would have been to go and buy online but the delivery wouldn't be able to catch up with her departure date! So it was AGAIN back to the drawing board for us. The stroller business was turning out to be really trying...

Joy and her sister-in-law, Trin, were nice enough to suggest other brands like Stoke and Orbit but they were way too expensive for us (even if they looked uber cool!), so we just thought of getting our travel system here in the P.I. 

Stoke Travel System

Orbit Travel System (around 800$-1000$)

We figured we could just check the manufacturing date for Chicco items anyway as their press statement said and check if that particular base was part of the recall. We could take that risk at least. The only downside really is paying a little extra than we would've in the U.S.

And so off to the baby stores we trotted and began our quest for the perfect alternative Ride for Raya...and it was not in vain!  

We were able to buy a Chicco KeyFit travel system whose manufacturing date was not within the recalled batch, and we got it at 10% off too! We got it from Baby and Co. in Powerplant Mall (It was a thousand bucks cheaper than in Rustan's, before the discount.). Incidentally, if you're looking to buy some kids' stuff this would be a nice place to look because they give you an automatic ten percent off on ALL items if you agree to register for a baby shower, 1st birthday or christening, which I did even if there really was no baby shower to register for anymore. Hehe. A tiny, white lie for this...

And the great thing about getting it here too is that it comes assembled already! So that saves me and Arj a lot of poring over the instructions manual and a lot of arguing. Hehe! Such control freaks we can be...

It was manufactured last year so the latch of this car seat base isn't defective as those made between February and March of this year. 

It's not the Chicco Cortina Explorer that we originally wanted, but we still love the sleek design of the KeyFit. RJ brags it's because it's an Italian brand! Hehe. It's also really easy to maneuver and carry around. Everyone, including Mom and Dad, were psyched with all the features.

Forgive my over-eager husband, the pose...

Plus, we got Raya a rockin' stroller cushion for her to lie in when she rides this new baby. There were other designs with pink elephants and other cute, dainty prints. But she's too cool for that. We know already.  :)



CHEFangga! said...

who is that good looking guy posing with the carrier?!!! he looks like?...... ummmm...hmmmm...!!ME!!!!!! yay!!!

Rona said...

very COOL set! And yes, the other uber cool brands are waaaaaay too expensive! This looks like a good buy.

Love the pose, RJ, especially the facial pose! Hehehehehe!