Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Pleasant Surprise

Woke up to a phone call from Dad asking about a Graco playard that appeared with Kris Aquino (of all people, yes, hehe) in Yes! Magazine and since I was still feeling a bit woozy, I couldn't figure out what exactly he was referring to. As the conversation went on though, I realized that he was asking if we ever considered getting a playard/playpen for Raya. 

I said we thought of getting one but because she already had a crib, we figured we may not be able to maximize it. Plus I thought, getting a Pack 'N Play these days can get pretty steep, ranging from 7k to 10k, so it wasn't really on our priority list. Not to say that we didn't want one because it would allow us certain conveniences like a ready sleeping place for her during out-of-town trips (Pansol? Hehe.) and for moving her around the different rooms in the house with ease (Bedroom to Master's Bedroom to Living Room, etc.).

Anyhow, Dad was saying there was a person from work selling him a slightly used (more like barely used we figured later on) Graco Playard for a very reasonable price. And I could only go "Oh okay." But he said he wasn't sure how much these things usually go for or how useful they were, and so...the phone call ended there. At that point I wasn't sure why he was calling but I figured he was probably gauging whether we wanted or needed one. Didn't know he was planning to actually get one. 

So, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that a charming Pack 'N Play was waiting for us when we got back from dance practice in Blue Ridge! The color was a little boyish (denim blue and red) but also practical because the material looked easy to clean and maintain. It also looked brand new! Even the wheels and the aluminum and plastic parts were virtually scratch-free! 

Graco Contour Electra Deluxe Pack 'N Play

AND the best part about playards these days? They can fold to the size of big duffel bags, not like the huge, inflexible ones we had when I was a kid. So we can lug it around practically anywhere! PLUS! They come with hanging animal toys, a vibration device (for soothing baby) and a control pad that lets you turn on a night light or choose among different sounds like soothing music and nature sounds. Dad loves this feature by the way. He actually takes the pad out of the playard to check out the different musical selections. :) 

There's also a changing table (complete with a counter for diaper wipes and other changing/cleaning-up implements) and a bassinet with a canopy for your little one. 

Talk about major convenience! Now, it's almost as if we have another crib for Raya! Another great accessory for our coming Angel! Thanks so much Dad! :)


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Zharmagne said...

How sweet of your dad!