Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet Raya!

Surfing the Internet is one of my favorite occupations. I would say pastime except that I do it so often, it hardly qualifies as a hobby anymore. I browse all kinds of sites and I read all kinds of stuff that sometimes, even RJ wonders whether I don't get information or sensory overload from all the surfing, clicking and browsing that I do. Needless to say, I think the Internet is the best invention ever. Hehe. Next to Ziplock, that is. 

Anyhoo, in one of my internet exploits, I stumbled upon this cool site: where you can morph the faces of famous celebrities together (reminds me of a hilarious segment in Late Night with Conan O'Brien, If They Mated) or better yet, register for free and upload your own pics and morph them together. Naturally, with our baby coming, I took the liberty of uploading some of our headshots to see what she would actually look like. The results were, well...very interesting. Hahaha. 

Guys and gals, meet Raya (or at least an approximation of her):

I've been getting mixed reactions to this image. Some say she's pretty, some say she just looks downright weird. Haha. I say she still looks like RJ. Parang pinagbigyan lang yung ibang features ko. :) It'll be interesting to see how she actually turns out. We love her already anyway. Hehe. 

As for how she'll look as a baby, I'm not sure. I don't think morphing baby images will be successful using MorphThing. So you'll just have to do your own mental morphing. Here are some of our pics to help. Hehe. 

Young Mavie (perched on top of cousin, Joe)

Young RJ (with Mommy Vkyh)

Thoughts, people? :)


Rona said...

definitely RJ :) although, i must say that in the baby pics, your baby pic looks like it was RJ's and RJ's baby pic looks like it was yours (he totally looks like a GIRL!!!)

Maviosa said...

Hahaha! That's true! Monique and him actually looked so much alike as babies -- well, they still do. :)

Elizza said...

haha! i totally agree with ate! but either way....Raya will be a very pretty baby...:D

CHEFangga! said...

sorry naman!! ... we have portuguese blood eh diba cousins?!! hehehe!! can't wait for our RAYAAA!!!!